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A. Sabrena Farmer: The Creative Woman

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A. Sabrena Farmer

I also help coach adults and children wanting to get into a performing arts school or with an audition and need that extra attention with their monologue to give them that edge.
$ (30 per hour)
Synopsis of Plays by A. Sabrena Farmer for purchase:
Deals with Biblical Characters:
1. A Matter of Circumstance (2hrs.): The story of       Vashti and the reasons she didn't come at the         summons of King Ahasuerus.  A look at                 marriage with a twist.
2. Intimate Relations (1-1 1/2hrs.): Reader's             theater.  This play deals with relating biblical           events in relationships to current day events.
3. Water at the Well (Monologue) (15 min.): The       encounter of the Samaritan woman with Jesus as     the well.
4. The Three Faces of Eve (Monologue) (25min.):     The life story of Eve, as told by Eve.

Deals with Christmas:
5. Christmas Lost and Found (1 - 1 1/2 hrs.): The     story of a woman who has no money for                 Christmas and the struggle she has when she         finds a wallet filled with money and no                     identification.
6. Christmas Lost and Found Remix (2hrs.):            Additional scenes.
7. Crash Christmas (7 - 10min.): The story of a           businessman who loses everything and is               tempted to commit suicide at Christmas.
8. There is a Hope (2hrs.): Deals with how two           different families deal with Christmas and                 goodwill toward others.
9. That Christmas Sound (2hrs.): The Passion of       Christ shown in modern times to see if the call of     Christ can still be heard today.

Deals with the Resurrection:
10. Jesus Seven last Words (1-1 1/2hrs.): This          play defines the seven last words Jesus said on      the cross from a young person's story.
11. Resurrected One (1-1 1/2 hrs.): Courtroom            drama to determine if anyone really has seen          Jesus.

Deals with Missions:
12. Comfort Zone (1hr.): This play takes place with      a mailman from heaven trying to get someone to      accept the call to missions.

Deals with Starting Over:
13. Testimony (10-15min.): This is the testimony of       homeless people as they move from the streets       into God's kingdom.
14.  It's Not Over (30 min.): This is the story of             three unemployed women stepping out on faith       to find a job.
15. Retrospect (1-1 1/2hrs.): This play focuses on         life as Christians fight with the enemy in their           mind.

Deals with Conversion:
16. The Afterbirth (2hrs.): This play deals with            after salvation how you get rid of the afterbirth of      sin.
17. The New Birth (2hrs.): This play deals with the      new convert and their struggles.
18. The Interview (15-20min.): This play deals with      a job opening for a heavenly assignment.

Deals with Black History:
19. I Even Remember (1-1 1/2hrs.): A                        grandmother shares her memories of the black        experience to strive to build a brighter future.

Deals with the Family:
20. Family Ties (2hrs.): Through the pages of a            photo album this play shows what brings a              family together.
21. The Power of One (15-20min.): From the              wedding to marriage and overcoming through          remembering the power of one.
22. The Father's Child (2hrs.): This play deals with       the generational curse of domestic violence.

Deals with Youth:
23. Once Upon a Time When I was Blind                 (45min.): This play is about youth that have just       missed spiritual death and have come face to
      face with the light of God.
24. Destiny's Heart (30min.): This play deals with         the dreams of a girl to become a model and the       fast track life of fame.


If you are interested in any of the plays, please note the name of the play 
and the # in your request.  
All scripts must contain copyright information.  You may not change wording of script.  You may not sell the script. 
All scripts/playbills must include:
"Based on a play by A. Sabrena Farmer"
$(30 for first copy + $2 per copy you make thereafter)
One copy of the script will be emailed 
or mailed for purchase
You are free to video/film and sell, but not the screen play.
"Grandma's Kids"
I started acting in church many moons ago and fell in love with the gift and the craft of acting.  I study people, movies and life as my training ground for acting. Oh, I've attended classes and workshops, but it is my life experiences that have seasoned me as an actress.  I've played roles that stretched me and some where I was just being myself.  I can flex my age from 35 to 102 if need be and can even sing a little. I've performed in theater, film and commercials.   I'm always looking for that next opportunity to share my gift with others.  
For 17 years I wrote and produced plays in outreach ministry under, Thine Heart Of Performing Evangelist Drama Ministry. I have produced and directed over 40 plays, 18 of which I wrote. I've  taken productions to shelters, schools, churches, hospitals, detention centers, the jail and prison. Being a playwright is a rewarding experience when you can see your play come to life and change lives.  

Once we did a play I wrote called, "Family Ties," and it was performed at the jail on Memorial Drive in Decatur, GA for a group of women inmates.  There was a scene in the production where on of the characters indicated she had an abortion and an inmate stepped into the production vocally and asked, "How many did you have?" The character stated three and then several inmates began to cry and be released from the pain they held as we continued to minister through the production.  When you are writing a production that is God inspired you can expect to have His Glory dominate the atmosphere and I've witnessed it many times in my plays.

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